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“Dimwitted DINGA is one hungry beast who won't be satisfied until he can sink his teeth into oh-so-juicy KANGA,”

the lady Kangaroo. However, there are only three tiny hiccups - Kanga has three kids, THE ROOS in her pouch who together protect their mother and themselves from all of Dinga's outrageous schemes.

It doesn't help that Dinga is the sharpest pitchfork on the forest bed. No matter how elaborate the plan, Dinga is always outsmarted by the naughty Roos and inevitably left covered in bums and bruises!

With their zany slapstick adventures, the forest bed is no more calm and serene, the Dinga no more hungry because it's not about the hunger anymore instead it's about the 'power game' now.

Dinga will try every trick in his book to have the Kanga-Roos for breakfast, dinner or lunch but the little fellas always give him a knockout punch.

Thus, the battle is on!