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“Dear MONTY is left stranded on the moon. But he is not alone. He finds CHIKI a shapeless flubber type one-eyed alien as his companion. They soon become FRENEMIES.”

These two uncivilsed beings alien to each other, fight over anything from SILLY to SERIOUS. For instance; Monty’s bananas, the flag rowed on the lunar surface, Monty’s lunar scooter, a tiny piece of asteroid beholding chemical powers, a flying juice bottle (perhaps left behind by an astronaut) into space, or a perfect hiding crater when there is an invasion from other aliens, etc…

Adding more to the hilarious plotlines is I-BOT, a robot that's being sent to the lunar surface by the same scientists who sent Monty to check on his whereabouts. iBot who is supposed to be the TERROR to Chiki is, unfortunately, an ERROR.

Together they all have a blast on the moon. A SPACE COMEDY that will TICKLE the funny bone in your body until you throw fits of hysterical laughter.

The MOON will no more be the way we know it! Come, let's go BANANAS!