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“Nova, the child prodigy and Luna, the absolute energetic bounce ball literally fall from the skies on Ooka Boka. ”

However, Ooka Boka’s are no horrific space monsters. They enthusiastically welcome the first extraterrestrials to ever visit their planet knowing these earthling creatures are not frightening invaders, rather perfectly peaceful beings who they believe have come to Ooka Boka as observers or new generation tourists.

However, the twins' boundless enthusiasm and their many misinterpretations of the world and objects around them often doom them to comical failure.

Soon the aliens discover that the earthlings have a tendency to make any situation whatsoever veer towards disaster. And now they want Luna and Nova to leave their planet but the only tiny hiccup is neither of them knows a way to fly back to earth. Until they find the way, the aliens will have to tolerate Luna and Nova’s crazy adventures!